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Our Services

With our state-of-the-art Italian espresso machines everything you'll need to have the coffee shop experience is delivered straight to your office and depending on your Company's goals we can specialize your coffee experience.  Also, we invoice as product is consumed so we never overcharge!

Espresso Shot_edited.jpg


Full Service Coffee and Maintenance ideal for mature companies.  Approximate cost per cup $1.23* 

Cup of Coffee_edited.jpg


Silver package plus  snacks and 1 monthly Fika.  Ideal for moderate growth goals.  Approximate cost per cup $1.95*

*based off 50 employees/clients.  See Pricing Example below for more details

Coffee with Macaroons


Gold package plus additional premium snacks, fresh fruit and 2 Monthly Fika.  Ideal for substantial growth targets. Approximate cost per cup $2.81*

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