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Everything you need for Fika

Pretty glass bottles containing hazelnut, vanilla and caramel coffee syrups for flavoring

Flavor Syrups

Assorted Torani Syrups

Sugar Free Jordan Syrups

Tea Pot


Assorted Tazo Teas

Assorted  Celestial Teas

Loose Leaf Teas (Platinum only)

Various vegan plant based milk alternatives and ingredients. Dairy free milk substitute dr

Milk and Creamers

Cashew, Oat, Coconut Milk

Nestle Flavored Creamer

International Delight Creamer

Kitchen pantry, wooden shelves with jars and containers with food, food storage. Jars with

Snacks and Fika Treats

Assorted Chips

Assorted Candies

Assorted Cookies

Fresh Baked Goods

Assorted Granola Bars


Sugar, Spices, Sweeteners

Sugar Cubes


Sugar in the Raw



Cinnamon Spice

Colorful Fruits





Seasonal Fruits

Our Continued Promise to You

At eCoffee solutions we buy products in bulk and do our best to avoid single use packaging.  With bulk pricing we pass the savings to you along with reducing waste and promoting conscious consumption.  

We can provide reusable containers which can be refreshed weekly to ensure the freshest products

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