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We are your one-stop shop for your Coffee and Supply needs.  

Operating out of Henderson, our goal is to provide your organization with fresh bean-to-cup coffee with more taste and less waste - all within your budget! 

Check out the many benefits that our services can provide for you and your team below:

Save Time
Generic drive thru pickup window with cars waiting in line to get their products or food..
Save Money
Calculate Savings
Employee Perks
Cup of Coffee

Take the long coffee lines out of your commute.

No need for employees to leave for coffee runs.

Freshly brewed espresso drinks in minutes.

Online payment system.

We only charge as inventory is used.

Less shrink.

Per cup costs ~50%-60% less than coffee shops

We customize your service to meet your budget.

Coffee in the workplace boosts moral.

Inclusion and improved work culture.

Less likelihood of workplace incidents.

The "Fika" phenomenon (more below)

Motivated Employees
Personalized Service
Increased Productivity
Carpenter at Work
Taking Notes
Young Businesswomen

No more mid-day slumps.

Short coffee breaks enables productivity.

Increased communication and goal-sharing.

Employees feel their employer cares.

We are a small of team of 3 employees.

We strive to get to know your needs and also your staff's needs.

We handle every step in setting your service up.

Your goals are our goals.

More productive meetings.

More time with potential and current clients.

Employees feel that high quality coffee increases productivity and improves morale.

Let us show you the eCoffee way to attaining your Company's goals through the shared love of coffee by bringing the office culture phenomenon of Fika directly to your office.  Learn about Fika and it's benefits in the video!

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